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Unlock the power of WhatsApp Automation with our flexible pricing options

Affordable pricing with zero setup fees

Get upto 16% off on Yearly Subscription

Engage in Endless Conversations, No Worries About Message Count 

With WhatsApp Pay Per Conversation approach, you’ll have a 24-hour window for every interaction, enabling you to send unlimited messages without incurring extra charges.


Marketing Conversations

Product updates, promotional and offer messages


Utility Conversations

Transactional and post-purchase notifications


Authentication Conversation

OTPs for account verification and account recovery


Service Conversations

All user-initiated conversations with free-form messages


WhatsApp Messaging with No Extra Charges!

Limited-Time Offer: Enjoy Three Months of Free Messaging

  • Can I use my existing WhatsApp number?
    Yes, you can use an existing WhatsApp number. However, before onboarding, you must first delete the WhatsApp account linked to that number. If you wish to back up your WhatsApp text messages so that you can restore to, you can use our Chat backup plugin.
  • Is there a setup fee for using the WhatsApp API?
    There is no setup fee associated with using the WhatsApp API.
  • What is the significance of conversational-based pricing on WhatsApp, considering its free usage?
    While standard WhatsApp usage remains cost-free, businesses leveraging the WhatsApp Business API to expand their operations will encounter fees associated with sending messages to customers. WhatsApp conversation pricing varies according to your customer's country code and the message template in use. For additional information, please refer to pdf on conversational-based pricing.
  • What is a chatbot session? How can I obtain more sessions than my plan allows?
    Each time a chatbot you've configured in interacts with your customer, it registers as a chatbot session. Each plan includes a specific allocation of chatbot sessions. If you exceed this limit, you'll need to respond to customers manually. You have the flexibility to purchase extra chatbot sessions directly from the 'Your Plan' page of the product. These chatbot sessions can be acquired on a monthly basis, even if you are on an annual plan, to accommodate fluctuations in seasonal traffic.
  • How do I change or switch my subscription plan?
    You have the flexibility to upgrade your plan or switch from a monthly to an annual subscription at any time through the 'Switch Plan' section in your Account Details. The charges for such changes will be adjusted proportionally according to the date of the modification. It's important to note that any downgrades will take effect only at the conclusion of your ongoing billing cycle. If you encounter any difficulties during the plan transition or require assistance in choosing the most suitable plan, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at
  • Do you have any cancellation fees?
    Indeed, operates on a pay-as-you-go model, and there are no cancellation fees. You have the flexibility to cancel your plan at your convenience. It's important to note that we do not offer refunds for payments made toward your ongoing subscription or any existing credits.

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