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Conversational Pricing

As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), we at are dedicated to keeping you informed about important updates and changes that may impact your business. Beginning June 1, 2023, WhatsApp will implement changes to its conversation-based pricing, affecting businesses using the WhatsApp Business Platform.

  • Meta is now introduced three categories

    • Marketing

    • Utility

    • Authentication

  • And Instead of BIC(Business-initiated Conversation) and UIC(user Initiated Coversations). There is going to be four different conversation types-

    • Marketing conversation - Effective promotion of products or services through business-initiated. conversations.

    • Utility conversation - Transaction-related messages like purchase notifications or billing statements sent to opted-in customers to enhance business operations. 

    • Authentication conversation - Secure initiation of conversations with one-time passcodes for user verification, ideal for account registration, recovery, and addressing security concerns.

    • Service conversation - Users reaching out to businesses for support and general inquiries.

  • On sending a template message now, each of the template now opens up a 24 hour window of that conversation

  • And, the pricing will be charged based on the conversation type window opened.

  • To understand the pricing with its use cases, check out this document

Here is the updated conversation pricing which will come in effective from June 1st 2023

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