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Broadcast Your Message: Reach the Masses with Ease

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Broadcast Your Message
Broadcast Your Message

Reach your target audience effortlessly with our powerful broadcast messaging feature. Expand your reach, engage with the masses, and make a lasting impact with just a few clicks. Maximize your message's potential and experience seamless communication like never before. CRM makes broadcasting easy, efficient, and effective.

To start Broadcasting messages on follow the steps below -

Go to Visit the platform and navigate to the Broadcast section. Click on New Broadcast Button: Find and click on the "New Broadcast" button to create a new broadcast.

Create new Broadcast
Create new Broadcast

Add Campaign Name: Enter a name for your campaign to identify it easily.

Set a intuitive campaign name
Set a intuitive campaign name

Select Broadcast Type: Choose the desired broadcast type from the dropdown menu.

E.g. - When the broadcast text field is clicked, a dropdown appears

(Note: as of now only Whatsapp is available).

Select Templates: If you have pre-created templates, select the appropriate one from the dropdown menu.

(Note: Templates need to be added beforehand. Know how to Create / add templates here (Blog Not added right now)

Add Tags: Filter your customers by adding relevant tags to target specific groups.

Schedule Date and Time: Set the date and time for your broadcast to be sent out.

Also, include Tracking Parameters to Enable the slider switch to include tracking parameters for campaign analytics.

Edit Template: Click the edit icon on the right to modify the template according to your preferences. Customize text, add elements, and adjust formatting easily. Unleash your creativity with a few clicks.

(Note : Below picture is an extended screenshot of the original screen)

View Recent and Past Broadcasts: Your recent and past broadcast messages will be displayed in the list for easy reference..

By following these steps, you can effectively create and schedule broadcasts using the platform.


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